If you’re international (an expat or student) we understand that it might be a difficult decision to literally put your hair in strange hands. Many websites of hairsalons or barbers do not promote their services in English.

We regret that most of our website is not tailored for an international audience either – but that is mostly because our clientele from international origins are quite few. Still, we want to help you out to find a hairdresser. So lets get started with some of the vocabulary. Popular terms for people in search of hairdressers or barbers in The Netherlands are:

  • Kapster = Female hairdresser
  • Kapper = Male hairdresser
  • Barbier = Barber
  • Kapsalon = Hairsalon
  • Haarsalon = Hairsalon
  • Haar knippen = Haircut
  • Pony knippen = Cut bangs
  • Punten knippen = Cutting the (dry) ends of your hair
  • Verven = dying
  • Permanent = Perm
  • Fohnen = Hairdrying
  • De Kleinste Kapsalon = The Smallest Hairsalon

In most cases the Dutch are quite familiar with the English language – if you can’t come to terms on what you want, simply google online for images of something close or similar to what you have in mind. This will also help the barber or hairdresser to understand your request better.

There are multiple ways to find a hairdresser or barber near you!

Finding the right salon can perhaps be a bit tricky at first. Simply biking/walking around town can help to identify salons in your neighborhood – but they may not necessarily be within your budget to start with. Thus, doing some investigation online will help a lot. Google Maps is a great tool to identify the salons in your neighborhood, these example search terms should get you started!

  • Kapper Rotterdam
  • Kapper Rotterdam Centrum (if you live in the centre of Rotterdam)
  • Kapper Rotterdam Zuid (if you live in the south of Rotterdam)
  • Kapper Rotterdam Noord (if you live in the north of Rotterdam)
  • Kapper Rotterdam West (if you live in the west of Rotterdam)
  • Kapper Rotterdam Oost (if you live in the east of Rotterdam)


  • Kapsalon Rotterdam
  • Kapsalon Rotterdam Centrum
  • Kapsalon Rotterdam Zuid
  • Kapsalon Rotterdam Noord
  • Kapsalon Rotterdam West
  • Kapsalon Rotterdam Oost

You should see something like this hairdresser rotterdam - find a hairdresser - haircut rotterdam The great thing about this method is that you will be able to visit websites of the “underdogs” allowing you to get a look on what their services are, and ideally on what their pricing is like.

We recommend you to call beforehand, to make sure there is space within their timetable. De Kleinste Kapsalon is a small hairsalon in Rotterdam Zuid (south of Rotterdam), and we felt like making a kind gesture to any of you who might be wondering how to get started with this – often personal – life struggle :-).

If you have any questions, please drop us a line and we’ll try to help you out! In case you feel like having an appointment made with us, call our number and ask for “Osman”. Good luck!